Bundaberg Rum Distillery

In 1888, the first barrel of Bundaberg Rum literally rolled out of the production line. 110 years later, Bundaberg Rum, through its trials and tribulations, has gained recognition as one of Australia's famous Aussie spirits. In 1986 the Bundaberg Distilling Company appointed its first tour guide and demand soon saw the need to expand the tourist operation.

A guided tour will have you look, feel and taste your way through the making of the Famous Aussie Spirit. Starting with the raw material molasses, to the aromas of maturing spirit, your temptations will run high for a refreshing sample in the bar with a variety of Bundy mixes and Rum liqueur based drinks.

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Mon Repos Conservation Park

Mon Repos Beach - French for "My Rest" is located approx 15kms east of Bundaberg City centre. Mon Repos supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the Eastern Australian mainland and is one of the two largest Loggerhead turtle rookeries in the South Pacific Ocean.

Successful breeding here is critical for the survival of this endangered species. Research at Mon Repos ensures this, but the centre is also used to guide other major Queensland rookeries and is an important training centre for research program volunteers and wildlife managers from the Indo-Pacific region. Dr Col Limpus spearheaded a major research project in the 70s, tagging over 100,000 hatchlings. The 30-year research program examines reproductive and migration studies, animal surveys of nesting turtles, behavioural studies and incubation and genetic studies

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Bundy Barrel - Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Discover the secrets of Bundaberg Ginger Beer with a variety of hands-on activities at the home of ginger beer. Take an amazing journey through the True Brew Experience Tour.

Use our interactive touch screens to see what happens to the humble ginger root as it's mushed, crushed, brewed and fermented to make the world's finest ginger beer

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Lady Elliot Island

Experience the Southern Great Barrier Reef today!

Where Great begins...

Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon is the only Island and lagoon combined in the outer Great Barrier Reef where the big vessels enter the Lagoon. It's a true coral cay on the Outer Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Travel in true comfort aboard the ‘MV Lady Musgrave’ or the ‘ MV Spirit of 1770', MV 'Discovereef' and other vessels. Lady Musgrave National Park is a tropical paradise abundant in Pisonia forests and bird life. The island is set on 3000 acres of living reef with a deepwater coral lagoon which is unique to the entire Great Barrier Reef region. One big big swimming pool.

Vessels enter the calm waters of the lagoon. This provides a protected haven for all age groups to explore the wonders of a living reef eco-system and the colourful variety of marine life all in one great day! 

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